About Kreate

Web3 Art Community

Kreate is the All-in-One Platform that brings the full Art experience to Web3 Artists & Collectors.

Artists can easily manage a Portfolio and sell Art on Kreate. Unlike faceless cold-listing marketplaces, our social features and Collector Galleries enable Art to be enjoyed to its fullest, combined with the provenance ensured by and liquidity benefits of Web3.

Why join Kreate?

For Artists

  • Organise your Art Portfolio with unlimited Collections.
  • Connect with other Art Lovers through comments and Art Fests.
  • Mint and sell digital collectible editions of your Art on the blockchain.
  • Auction your Artwork, and earn Resale Royalties via Secondary sales.
  • Ensure the provenance of your works using blockchain.

For Collectors

  • Discover new Art daily and connect with like-minded Collectors.
  • Support the Artists you love. Talk to them about their Art!
  • Acquire Artworks with ownership and provenance assured by the blockchain.
  • Customise and share your Online Art Gallery with your own Exhibits.
  • Sell and trade tokenised Artworks you own.

Our Differences

Low Barriers to EntryFull Art & Social ExperienceProvenance & Liquidity
Fine Art Platforms
Web2 Art Platforms
Web3 Marketplaces

Key Numbers

511K ₳Volume


A thing that has been seriously lacking in the space is true reflection on art and what it means to be here in a time when it is accessible to everyone. It has a transformative quality to it that shouldn't be set aside. Good on Kreate once again!
Yay! My babe has her stuff up over on @KreatePlatform now! It was really easy to set up. I highly recommend checking out their platform and perusing some of the art that is there!
Kreate is the one who has delivered the aesthetics and tools artists have been crying out for for a long time. It's incredible all the work they did before launching, joining the big artist chat groups and asking us what we needed most.
Generative Artist
If I wasn't saving to build my new pc I'd be buying an irresponsible amount of artwork right now. So much talent on Cardano! Shout out to @KreatePlatform for providing an excellent service that exposes me to even more art! Even if I can't buy much right now, much love
Abstract Artist
You guys are not matched anywhere near 🖤🙏 We are here because of you and your hard work!
Graphic Designer & Photographer
A real buzz around the place right now, and the art coming out of it, is a joy.
You can’t be real. Your just a bot programmed to tell me you’re doing everything I want in a marketplace. You are killing it, thank you ☺️
Nature Photographer & Abstract Artist
Thank you so much 😭😭😭 I was shocked how easy it was even from a minting POV it was just put amounts and DONE ✨I am so happy to have you as a holder✨💕 I hope you love it as much as I loved making it ✨
Abstract Artist
What I love about @KreatePlatform: - THEY GENUINELY LOVE ART🫀 - THEY DO bring Web2 artists to Web3 right from their office. Don’t believe me? Check out the selection of works from local Vietnamese artists on their homepage, you’ll be blown away.🌬🖼 - THEY LISTEN TO ARTISTS👂
Ink and Paper Artist
Thanks! And also for your support with answering the question, people are speaking very highly of the platform and how you sort problems.
The big fish prowls, with art in tow, Aims to bully, a forceful show, Yet in the depths Kreate's light dispels the gloom. For every stroke, a story told, In vibrant hues, both bright and bold, The artist's heart, with courage, shines, And Kreate's essence, it's heart defines..
Abstract Artist & Poet
It's so important to spread the word about a fantastic art platform such as Kreate. They promote, uplift and empower indie artists as well as giving art collectors an excellent user experience to browse and collect art. They deserve all the success that's coming to them
Abstract Artist
It’s awesome, I have never bought so much art for art’s sake before It’s been a great addition to #Cardano
all thanks to @KreatePlatform ❤️‍🔥 each artist got to join a level playing field without being buried by 10k pfp projects in volume-weighed sorting, and have their work seen and appreciated by everyone who visited the website 👀

the social-forward features of Kreate has allowed art enjoyers to leave comments on artworks so that the artists can feel encouraged by kind feedback 🤝
Fine Art Photographer
@KreatePlatform is doing wonderful updates and moving with light speed, loving it.
Fine Art Photographer
you guys are doing so great. artists first and sharing the development journey with everyone, keep doing what you're doing!
😍 It's really really nice to see a lot of the Vietnamese Artists and other Artists onboarded. Thank you so much for everything you do for the Artists and the community 🙏❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
I honestly go to @KreatePlatform even when I have no ada to spend. I love looking at all the artists and their work and being able to do so easily and in one place is a game changer!
I'm more grateful I am happy to list my arts on such an amazing platform were the team are hard working to create the best for artists 🙇‍♂️
Character Designer
NO-ONE carries the same passion for the art scene like @KreatePlatform do. And to top it off, their site & services are a pleasure to use. Game changer 💗
Beyond pleased with @KreatePlatform and the minting experience, no shortage of beautiful art and talented kreators on there. Only regret being within a budget 🥲 but a great day of "shopping", discovering new artists, and learning a new platform regardless.
Kreate without constraints.